Dashi is one of the characters in The Real Di'angelo and Friends. She is a cyan/rainbow colored pegasus pony.

Dashi, as she appears in the series.




Pegasus Pony Stuffed Animal


1 (Earth Years), 11 (Stuffed Animal Years)


June 29th, 2013

Other Names

Rainbow Dash (rare), Dash

Voiced By



Dashi is a sweet-hearted pegasus pony, who loves helping her friends out and spending time with them. When she first came home with them, she was a bit shy and worrisome, but eventually warmed up to them. She finally admitted how she had a passion to fly, to which Di'angelo picked up and helped her to achieve. However, her right wing, being sore and weak from 30 or 40 more Rainbow Dash laying on it, made her unable to fly. She begin to doubt herself and forget about flying. Di'angelo, being how he is, didn't like her giving up her dream like this. Especially since she's a pegasus, anyway! Luckily, with time and encouragement, her wing grew strong and usable. Soon, she realized after a lot of training, she could fly perfectly. Now, she trains and trains for the arrival of Princess Twily and Spike, so she can show her how to fly. Dashi has a strong bond with Di'angelo because of his help, and has a previous friendship with Pinkamena, as she misses every day without her. She has a special bond with Sonja and every time she comes back home (to the bed), she hugs her. She works somewhat as a assistant to Princess Twily and acts as a older sister to Spike. Every day, she misses Pinkamena more and waits patiently every minute, hoping one day, she'll get to see her again. She tries to open up to Fluffershy, but she's too shy to talk to ANYONE. She currently also waits for Scooterloo.


Dashi has cyan blue fur, a messy rainbow colored mane and tail (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and blue again), fuchsia eyes, tall legs, metallic blue wings, and red, blue, and yellow cutie mark, in the shape of a lightning bolt. She currently wears a blue bandana.


  • Dashi is the second copyrighted character to be on the show, but like E.B., she doesn't act like her look-a-like.


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