Sandie without her trademark hat and long blonde hair.

Sandie is one of the characters in The Real Di'angelo and Friends. She is Di'angelo's best friend.


Sandie is always around to lend a helping hand-- err, paw to the other stuffies. She tends to be the separator, mother figure, older sister, or instigator in many conflicts and situations. Despite being very hardheaded, stubborn, and childish at times, she truly acts mature, comforting all of the other characters if they're worried or discouraged in any way and is very sure to carry herself as an independent plushie. 

She goes with a lot of tension within herself, due to her having an attraction to Di'angelo, which gets in her way some of the time. She often finds herself thinking about him at the most inconvenient moments. Sandie also says a flirtatious comment about him, which usually has another character ask about it and she deny it. She seems to have a shyness about her, as she has little to no nerve in asking Di' out or anything of the like. Di'angelo has picken up on some of the signs, but remains quiet about it.

She has a country accent and behaves, eats, etc. like a Southern person would. However, she isn't stereotypically (and offensively) stupid (no offense to anyone) or pronounces every single word incorrectly, though she does say words that are typically mentioned by people of the South (ain't, etc.). She has a habit of calling everyone "pardner" (more than their real names), as it seems to be a nickname/pet name for her friends/family.  

She interacts with her family a lot more than she does in the Di'angelo. Her and Randy have a extremely close bond (her being the only stuffie he actively converses with). She treats all of the stuffies she knows as if they're blood (or stuffing) family, even if she just met them.


Sandie is a light blonde Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever/Beagle Mix Stuffed Animal, with brown eyes, a small, soft, brown cotton nose, big paws, long legs, long tail, long blonde hair on her head (that she hides most of under her hat until the third season), a brown cowboy hat with a dark pink tassle, a red bandana with white stars on it, and two ears that go two different ways: the left one is flat down and V-shaped like normal and the other is erect, similar to that of a Husky or a German Shepherd (which brings reason to believe that she might be part one of those dogs). 


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