The Real Di'angelo and Friends is a live-action spin-off to the Di'angelo series. This series features the real versions of the Di'angelo characters plus other stuffed animals that Rigbybestie has, that couldn't be on TV due to copyright issues.


The show depicts the characters as living in Sonja's house, in a plot similar to how it used to be, with the stuffed animals being inanimate to everyone but other stuffies and Sonja. They go on many adventures in the series, though they mostly center on holiday related scenerios.


The stuffies are living on Earth because of being temporarily exiled there. They decide to board there with Sonja, causing problems for her, because of them having to cover up as normal stuffed animals, but have to do things also, usually getting in trouble and leaving Sonja to take the slack. The episodes are usually centered on some holiday they all partake in, usually involving Sonja.


  • This is the first stop-motion Di'angelo animation Rigbybestie has ever made. This one, being the only one that involves the real versions of the Di'angelo characters.
  • The Real Di'angelo and Friends is also a photo sharing Facebook page. That was all it was supposed to be, when Rigbybestie got the idea to turn their adventures into an actual show.
  • This, along with Di'angelo: The Adult Parody are the only two Di'angelo series created by Rigbybestie that are not shown on Kids Channell!.
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