Westley is one of the characters in The Real Di'angelo and Friends. He's a Beagle/Bassett Hound mix.


Westley isn't as abused in this series, as he is in the animated series, but is the least seen and interacted with in the show. Westley has a crush on Yarely, but can never seem to have the right time to tell her. He also has a huge collection of planes he like does in the animated series. The characters usually refer to him in a negative tone, by comparing him with something bad (such as being a loser or something being lame), (e.g. "What do we look like, a buncha Westleys?" "That's just like a Westley." "Yep. Now, we're just like Westley.")


Westley has a tricolor color scheme, similar to Rico's, but darker. He has brown eyes. He wears a brown bomber hat (green in the earlier episodes and specials), a red scarf (changed to biege in the later episodes), and a brown leather jacket.


  • This is the only series to not have Westley die in horrible ways in every appearance. However, he dies in a couple of specials (Candy Day Special and Christmas Special to be exact).


The gallery for Westley is here.

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